Week 14 -“Outside” is never the solution

Different languages result in confusion, but unity of thoughts and expression result in clarity and harmony.

How to retain clarity and harmony in your life? One of the first things to do is not to try to do like others do. Find and follow your own path.

Sit and wait for answers from your inner genius / voice. The solution will come from within. The real solution never comes from the outside world, but from your inner world.

Things outside of ourselves won’t help us reach heaven (on earth).

Understand that you are enough now. You don’t need external validation to be complete.

What counts is the connexion between the infinite intelligence and you.

When you find this connexion, keep it and express your unique genius. You have special gifts that the world need you to express.

One additional advice: give love to others. And, more broadly, if you want to get anything in life, first start by giving it. It will then return to you (multiplied).


Week 13 -Gratitude is a cause

First let’s remind us of the powerful formula to accomplish our goals:

“thoughts charged with feelings create beliefs, which in turn lead to action and then results”.

For most people, feelings are triggered by circumstances and results.

But to take responsibility of your life, you need te become the cause of your results and not anymore be dependant of your life’s circumstances.

It’s better to create your life.

In order to do that, choose to feel good feelings.

In particular choose to feel gratitude each day (and not only be grateful when significatively good events occur).


Do not wait for good outcomes to be grateful, but be grateful to attract good outcomes.

Notice anything to be grateful for in your life (even simple things, like having a place to live and sleep). It’s very important to really feel the feeling of gratitude when doing that.

And then you will start to attract a lot of new positive things to be grateful for in your life.

Gratitude is a cause, not an effect.


Week 12 – Vitalize your thoughts

In order to manifest what you want in your life, one of the fundamental actions is to focus your thoughts on the object of your desire. Indeed a natural law is that what you concentrate on tends to grow.

However, if you want to accelerate the manifestation of your desires, you need to “vitalize” your thoughts.

What does “vitalizing your thoughts” mean? It means that you should make your thoughts as real as possible, thus adding “vitality” to them.

How do we do that? When you have a thought, add the following elements to it to make it “more real” and thus “more powerful”:

  1. Add emotions
  2. Add the use of the 5 (inner) senses. In other words, “visualize” your thoughts with all your senses (see, hear, touch, smell and taste what you imagine)
  3. Add real experience, by acting “as if”. For example: if you want a new car, go the car seller, and get into one of the cars, and imagine this is your car your a re driving.

Vitalizing your thoughts is a key element in making them true.

Week 11 – 3 steps to success

There are 3 steps to attain success and obtain what you want in life:

Step 1: Have a desire

Step 2: Assert your claim

Step 3: Take possession of it

These 3 steps have been outlined in different ways, depending on the places, times and authors.

For example, another way to describe them is the following one:

Step 1: Have a definite purpose (with a burning desire)

Step 2: Have a positive mental attitude (and practice a  mental diet)

Step 3: Have a plan of action (and express it in continuous action)


In other words:

  1. Know what you want (this desire must be important for you)
  2. Have complete faith / confidence that this desire will manifest in your life
  3. Demonstrate to the Universe that this desire is important for you, by acting to get it.

This a very simple (and quite obvious formula), but very often one (or many) of these elements is (are) absent and this explains why you don’t get what you want (or think you want) in life.

Week 10 – Knowledge will not apply itself

Knowledge is a blessing. It is a potential power to evolve, progress, do thing in a better way.

But knowledge is a real power only if it is used.

“Knowledge will not apply itself”

We have to apply it. We are responsible for our life. Thus, each one of us has to take the initiative to do things differently and apply knowledge. Even if it makes us go out of our comfort zone. That’s the condition to evolution.

Acting “in the real world” is what will make the difference. Intent is good, but not enough. Doing what we intend to do is the solution.

In order to be able to act, we need to focus on what is important to us. And then create habits that help us advance in that regard.

In summary, knowledge is only a catalyst that can contribute to our progress. But for the latter to occur, we need to apply knowledge, implement it and act in the real world.

Week 9 – Understand your brain to influence your subsconscious

During the 9th week of the Master Key Experience, we deepened our study of how the subconscious mind can be impacted.

We learnt that the traditional distinction between “left-brain” and right-brain” people is a bit too simplistic.

Of course some of us learn better by first being aware of facts (left brain) and other by getting to know the principles / concepts (right brain). However, most of us will need both of these information to integrate more fully a teaching / lessons.

Actually there are 7 fundamental ways we learn: (1) spatially, (2) musically, (3) interpersonally, (4) intrapersonally, (5) mathematically, (6) linguistically and (7) athletically.

Let’s use the ways that best suit us and, by combining them, let’s integrate totally (including in our subconscious mind) what we want to learn, acquire and master.

Week 8 – The 7 day mental diet

Diet is a very “popular” topic nowadays. There are multiple diets that promise you to lose weight quickly.

But there is a specific diet that is much more interesting in my opinion.

This is the mental diet.

Indeed our thoughts are one of the main causes of all our circumstances on life (including physical health).

Having and maintaining positive thoughts is thus one of the keys in order to have get abundance in all areas of our life.

The same way we can lose weight mainly by eliminating bad food , we can attract and create more and more good circumstances in our life by elimating negative thoughts (and entertaining positive ones).

The problem is that we generally don’t choose to have negative thoughts. Does it mean we cannot eliminate them? Maybe not (at least before mastering our mind). But what we can do is choosing to focuse on a positive thought as soon as a negative thought appears in our mind.

In other words, we replace each bad thought by a positive thought.

The faster  and the more often we do that, we quicker good circumstances will appear in our life.

At least, it’s worth trying it, isn’t it?

The exercise for this 7th week of the MKMMA journey is thus to  practice such a mental diet (= only positive thoughts allowed) during (at least) 7 consecutive days.