Week 4 – A deep journey in the world within

The world within is the cause of the world without.

In other words, what we experience in our life is a mere reflection of what happens in our mind.

Numerous spiritual and religious traditions have expressed it (in a way or another).

This is the reason why a self exploration and mastery of what happens within us is certainly one of the most powerful things that we can do to change all aspects of our life and create our dream reality.

That’s what we are doing with the MKMMA group. Practicing simple but powerful exercises whose aim is to reveal and harness one of the strongest forces that we can use: the one of our subconscious mind (a.k.a. our “subby”…;) ).

It’s better to get to know this internal power each of us has within oneself. And make it a friend (instead of an obstacle) and collaborate with it (instead of fighting it).

When all parts of our being are in alignment and coherent, everything become possible (and easy).

This adventure is incredible and exciting.

I hope all of us will have extraordinary results and the highest levels of achievements, so that we can collectively “prove” to the whole world (in particular the skeptical majority) that all this is not a pure fantasy, but nothing else than the magnificent reality (that can be ours if we allow it to be so).


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